Morning Impossible Trivia


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Tuesday, June 19
Q: According to a survey, more than half of all women have one of these with them right now. What is it?
A: A mirror!

Monday, June 18
Q: This is more likely to happen at work on a Monday than any other day of the week. What is it?
A: Getting injured!

Thursday, June 14
Q: 73% of women think that a man that’s over 40 and wears this looks ridiculous. What is it?
A: A backwards baseball cap!

Wed, June 13
Q: Almost 70% of Dads will not let their children touch this at the house. What is it?
A: The thermostat!

Tues, June 12
Q: In a survey, when asked what the father did best during the baby’s first weeks, 21% of new mothers said what?
A: Stayed out of the way!

Mon, June 11
Q: 35% of fathers have embarrassed their daughters by doing this. Doing what?
A: Walking around without a shirt while their daughter’s friends were over!

Thurs, June 7
Q: These have been found to be accurate 25% of the time. What is it?
A: Fortune cookies!

Wed, June 6
Q: 82% of women have asked a stranger about this. What is it?
A: Where they bought their shoes!

Mon, June 4
Q: 4% of people say they never do this. Never do what?
A: Wash their car!


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